Kapay, a blockchain digital currency payment startup, is the first of Ukash's CEO David Hunter initiated and became CEO, and Kapay is committed to getting started Global brand digital asset payment platform; Kapay will be launched in October 2017 The company's first global blockchain digital asset payment brand "Kapay payment", the first Round financing obtained CVC, Permira Advisers LLP of well-known foreign venture capital institutions. Baillie Gifford had $5.6 million. For now, says DavidHunter Companies that address payment needs tend to focus too much on technology and too little on users However, Kapay block chain digital payments revolutionize this situation and will be used The home experience is perfect. Kapay is located on the east side of st. Paul's cathedral in the famous city of London. Founded in October 2017, Kapay is expected to be born in August 2018 Completion and public offering activities. Kapay tokens can be added directly through the user's private account Mil wallet carries out real-time offline (POS) transactions, such as: it can be used directly Encrypted currency in stores or online shopping, based on practical basis, the public on this technology The acceptance period will be greatly reduced. Kapay tokens promote borderless spending Payment domain is part of a global solution that is generated by block chain technology The wallet function allows instant payment at the point of sale of offline transactions.

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